Given the range of employee requirements in the world of manufacturing or service delivery, today workforce schedules are highly complex. Tugboat Software is a recognized leader in automating workforce schedules. The more complex, the better. Tugboat Software’s workforce scheduling solution generates a comprehensive labor schedule with one click.

Scheduling issues that walk in the door?
We solve right now.


“We had a period over 90 days when the orders really had backed up. Looking at the record, we had to run our labor schedule 1640 separate times just to keep up with the changes. With Tugboat, we stayed ahead of production and, we always fit the workers to the jobs they preferred.”

Scheduling Coordinator, Packaging Industry

“Tugboat’s solutions keep your operation floating smoothly.


The power and speed of Tugboat’s Workforce Scheduling solution comes from its schedule-generating engine. Tugboat’s engine combines linear regression technology with your data along with business policies specific to your facility.


“Grievances? With Tugboat, the house always wins.”

Operations Mgr. Food Processing Industry


Optimization—Through linear regression, optimizes employee assignments with a focus on labor cost control. All within the constraints of your existing labor rules and policies. And there’s a lot more.

  • Comprehensive—Supports unlimited number of jobs, employees, shifts, departments, lines, work areas, etc.
  • Rules-based—Applies your site-specific scheduling rules while automatically assigning the right employee to fill your labor demand.
  • End-to-end—Automates all aspects of crewing: management of skills, on-the-job training, job bidding, events, deadlines, absences, vacations, crew and shift patterns, employee preferences.
  • Staffing level planning—Plans labor requirements for immediate or long-term goals.
  • Responsive—With multiple tools, enables last-minute response to changes .
  • Self-service—Empowers employees with secure and reliable network to schedule requests, log preferences, and more. EssP
  • Permanent record—Creates a permanent record of decision-history


Converts production schedules Automatically creates labor standards.And there’s more.

  • Faithfully enforces your rules and policies.
  • Consistently assigns employees based on skills, training, availability, and preferences.
  • Reduces workload for management in operations, production and on the front line.
  • Improves communication and employee satisfaction.
  • Drives down operating costs.

Overtime Expense? Lower it.

What is your annual budget for OT? The diagram shows how Tugboat’s optimization technology reduces OT expense. As Tugboat’s solution is applied over several days with multiple shifts, the cost savings are significant.


“I have worked with Tugboat for years. They customized the programming to cover all we needed for a scheduling process developed with a union contract.”

Scheduler, Energy Storage Industry

White Papers

Scheduling a Large Workforce – The Job from Hell

For many large-scale companies with constantly changing production or service requirements, scheduling the workforce can become a contentious nightmare. Since labor is typically the most significant cost of production while management is under pressure to keep their workforce lean, automating the scheduling process in an optimum manner stands out as an area where IT should focus.

Optimization Made Simple

Different Scheduling Engines, Different results

A customer recently brought a challenge to Tugboat and our optimization technology. We were able to by reduce their cost of overtime. Now, we are saving them approximately $15,000 to $25,000 per day. The workforce as this customer is about 400 hourly workers, on three shifts, represented by a union contract. Linked is their story.

Labor Scheduling / Labor WasteThere’s a Connection

The relation between labor waste and labor scheduling is highlighted and a plan for implementing labor optimization as an enterprise strategy is laid out. Optimized labor scheduling includes tools that target labor waste, reduce the cost of operations and enhance the well being of typical hourly employees.

Union Rules & Automating Workforce Scheduling

In most large enterprises, just getting the right people in the right jobs at the right time is difficult enough. In union environments you find all the usual challenges but also must honor the constraints of a union contract. Contracts usually include language that addresses the senior employees right-to-work, preferences for either shifts, jobs, highest paying jobs, or all three, drafting for overtime, and many other requirements that bear on workforce scheduling.