Tugboat’s customers, some with over 1000 employees, use our Vacation Management Scheduling solution on a daily basis with complete reliability.
Increments from weeks, to days, even hours for PTO are easily managed.

Instant Grant™

Unique to Tugboat, our Instant Grant™ feature lets employees manage their  vacation requests anywhere with a secure & reliable network.

Tugboat’s Instant Grant™ feature provides employees with immediate response. There is no need to wait for approval from management. Your company policies are consistently enforced with every request.

Tugboat customers report that most of the paper work and spread sheets that had been required for vacation scheduling are now eliminated. Employees appreciate being able to manage their own vacation schedules.

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“Tugboat’s system allows us to put vacation control back in the employees’ hands.”
Application Analyst,
IT Department, Packaging Industry


The entire process of scheduling and managing your employee vacation time is run by Tugboat’s Vacation Scheduling solution. Employees get the vacation they have earned while your company provides services or fulfills production demand without under-staffing.

Increments from weeks, to days, even hours for vacation are easily managed. Tugboat’s solution is tightly integrated with Instant Grant™ which provides an immediate response for requests.

Vacation Scheduling is delivered as SaaS. Beyond logging into Tugboat’s server site, there is no need to install any software on your systems. All requests are time-and-date stamped. This eliminates clerical errors, misunderstanding and grievances.  Our solution utilizes the basic employee data from Tugboat’s Workforce or Vacation solutions.

Coverage and Quotas

Tugboat protects your operation with the use of dynamic quotas.

Quotas define a group of employees whose positions share a function. For example, quotas are typically defined for each shift, department, job, etc. Groups may cross these simple designations, so, company defined groups are enabled. And, the quotas are revised dynamically with any change that effects coverage.

Tugboat processes every employee request against multiple quotas. When an employee requests an absence, approval is withheld unless the employee passes testing on all the quotas to which they may be a member.

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“I have been using this software for about nine years. We use it to manage vacations for approximately 350 colleagues. The support staff are very helpful and respond to questions promptly. I would definitely recommend.”

HR Mgr. Frozen Foods Division

The Video introduces Tugboat’s Vacation Scheduling solution and it’s approach to solving the real on-the-job problems of vacation and absentee management. Select the video and have a look.


  • Vacations and employee absences, including FMLA and disability, managed start to end.
  • One-button exchange with payroll system
  • Carry-over from previous periods
  • Maintains an up-to-date account of each employee’s vacation balance
  • Absentee and vacation entitlements can be used for weeks, days, hours.
  • Manages requests
  • Manages and enforces quotas for maximum number of employees allowed off, including employees who are members of multiple classes
  • Enables employees to submit and cancel requests
  • Includes robust management tools for review and override
  • Immediate response to requests via Tugboat’s Instant Grant™


Tugboat’s solution reduces the workload of HR and front-line managers while improving employee satisfaction with consistent and fair vacation scheduling.

  • Reduces workload for HR and front-line managers.
  • Reinforces policies and rules consistently.
  • Improves employee satisfaction.
  • Automates communication.
  • Drives down administrative costs.