Schedule Planning Board Now Available From Tugboat Software

Tugboat has now developed a workforce scheduling interface that is ideal for operations where the roster of workers – across separate branches, departments, or locations – remains predictable for long periods of time yet managers still have to juggle day-to-day temporary changes or re-assignments for any reason that may occur.

The Scheduling Planning Board provides an overview of job assignments scheduled days and weeks in advance. More important it enables changes of all job assignments and employees across all locations, branches, departments, crews, posts, and shifts. This powerful tool makes planned and last-minute changes between employees, their scheduled hours, and/or their locations very easy. Easier yet, to start with the planning board is pre-populated with jobs and assignments from Tugboat’s fully automatic scheduling engine.

You can bring up two or more Planning Boards enabling you to swap employees or needed position from one location to another. And, there’s a separate window that displays key data about the jobs or people that need to be changed. To learn more, visit our “Contact US” page.