QAD Announces Partnership Agreement with Tugboat Software

SANTA BARBARA, California – QAD Inc. (NASDAQ:QADA, QADB), a leading provider of enterprise business software and services for global manufacturing companies, today announced it has signed a partnership agreement with Tugboat Software, a workforce scheduling solutions provider, to help QAD customers optimize their production planning processes with automated and more efficient work force scheduling.

Global manufacturing companies have workforces with complex and highly functioning skill sets. Matching the right worker to the right job at the right time – every shift, everyday – is mission critical. Yet, for companies relying on legacy workforce scheduling methods such as spreadsheets, this task can be cumbersome and prone to human-error. Moreover, workforce scheduling rules, policies and regulations can vary from one facility to the next, even within the same company.

By integrating Tugboat’s Scheduling Optimization Software (SOS) with QAD Enterprise Applications, QAD customers now can automate workforce scheduling and ensure that work orders are executed at peak efficiency and use only the least required and most appropriately matched human resources for the job.

“It’s important that labor scheduling and its associated, time-sensitive challenges, such as worker availability, are addressed during the planning process to avoid production schedule changes or disruptions,” said Patricia Schilling, president for Tugboat Software. “With Tugboat’s Scheduling Optimization Software and QAD’s work order functionality combined, QAD customers can improve operational efficiency and save money by eliminating labor waste, such as unneeded overtime.”

Tugboat’s labor scheduling solution fills a labor roster that begins as a QAD work order. These work orders are converted into a Labor Demand, including jobs with start and run times over shifts and days. Then, depending on the available human resources, and rules, the SOS fills the roster with optimized job assignments, providing companies increased visibility and control of their planning cycle.

“We’re very pleased about this partnership,” said Craig McKay, senior director of alliances for QAD. “This solution is a logical extension of QAD’s core functionality that provides valuable savings and competitive advantage for our manufacturing customers.”

About QAD

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