New Logo + Development System Upgrade = Mobility + Flexibility + Improved Security

The refreshing look of Tugboat’s new logo expresses the dynamism of our new version of Tugboat’s development language – Progress Software’s OpenEdge 12. The conversion is a big undertaking but one that promises a great deal for new and future users of Tugboat’s scheduling applications. The benefits include – a fully mobile version of Tugboat’s Vacation Scheduling solution, more flexible access to multiple target platforms, greater protection from unauthorized users. All this adds up to increased functionality that helps Tugboat’s customers keep pace with their growing and complex inter-application functionality.

Progress 12 provides a powerful core logic for evolving to meet the highly-available, agile and ever-evolving demands of Tugboat’s business customers.
Along with improved developer tools, this new version provides a reassuring hardening of Tugboat’s application internal security.

A tribute to our in-house designers for creating the forceful new look of Tugboat Software’s logo. Tugboats, long regarded for their utility worldwide, have a well-earned reputation for guiding vital resources disproportionate to their own scale. Like these stalwart seafaring engines, Tugboat Software’s products provide strategic advantage to enterprises better enabling them to maximize their own workforce objectives.

For a more complete description of Progress OpenEdge 12.4, see link below.