Those that can, or must, show up for their job. But today? There’s a lot of variability.  Optimizing your resources and skills is crucial in this quickly changing environment. To stay in business, Tugboat’s customers have to make changes to crews – workers that share, on and off, the same day and shift – rapidly and frequently. Our tools enable users to easily model crewing schedules, including rotating crews, so that you can test multiple scenarios. Meeting customers’ production demand while scheduling the most effective use of your available crewing resources, Tugboat’s technology is designed just for this challenge.

Vacation schedules also need to be adjusted. Vacation Quotas – those employees who are allowed time off at the same time – needed frequent updating, again in response to changes in both your workforce and your product demand. These workforce management tasks are easily accomplished with Tugboat’s Vacation Scheduling solution.  As important, Tugboat’s system conveniently exports timely information to payroll applications. This streamlines efforts ensuring the close coordination between each and every employee with your actual production planning and their vacation scheduling.

Tugboat’s customers in Food Manufacturing were affected due to the emergence of positive pandemic cases amongst their workforce. Customers needed to make changes to jobs, job classifications and re-bid entire departments. Mandatory closures were an ongoing problem at several facilities. One facility, with over 425 employees, had to adjust their production demand along with their workforce schedule for the entire facility. Not once: This had to be resolved time and again. 

In the entertainment industry, Tugboat’s customers, with 10 separate departments, had to change more than 125 jobs and crews in each department. Again, this occurred frequently due to changing pandemic regulations. 

Tugboat has developed several pivotal tools that streamline management of these challenges. Tools that make it easy to administer layoff protocols and call backs. Job Bidding was pivotal. This enables individual workers to review the list of current positions needing to be filled and bid for the job that best suits them. From anywhere! Wherever they have access to a desktop or mobile device.

Tugboat’s system makes it easy to administer these protocols without having supervisors making call after call after call.

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