Tugboat’s Job bidding feature covers both employee and management functions. New  jobs open as employees switch positions, retire, or leave the organization. New products or services require additional staffing.  Management creates the Bid Job postings, reviews, and approves or declines the employee’s bid. Management decides who goes where.

A “Bid Job” is often referred to as an employee’s home job assignment. It typically includes a specific job. A shift, line, crew and department can be part of the “Bid Job” designation.


“We have been using Tugboat’s job bidding for years. Their Job Bidding solution is a no brainer! We love the ability to push out job openings to employees with all of the necessary details. Quickly. Employees like that they can get at it on their phone. And they like having a record of the requests. We will never go back to the Bid Book.”

Job title, HR Mgr. Manufacturing Company


With this feature, Tugboat provides employees a more complete picture of where things are changing in your organization. Management can offer newly opened job positions to your existing employees first.

Employees access Job Bidding using Tugboat’s EssP which is offered as an extra feature in support of our Workforce Scheduling solution.

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job bidding 01
Before Tugboat’s Job Bidding installation.
After Tugboat’s Job Bidding installation.

ESSP makes requesting a breeze

Job Bidding as easy as 1-2-3