Using Tugboat’s EssP, employees make requests that affect their daily lives from a sweeping range of HR and job management activities. Changes are made in real time in compliance with your company deadlines.

Instant Grant™

EssP includes Instant GrantTM, a feature proprietary to Tugboat Software. This in-your-hands feature automates, in real time, the granting or denial of specific employee requests. The employee does not have to interact directly with a manager or wait in a queue to receive a response to their request.

Tugboat’s EssP is offered as an extra feature in support of either our Workforce or Vacation Scheduling solutions.

Price is based on the total number of employees at the user’s facility.


Using Tugboat, “Supervisors can spend their time on more valuable tasks.”

Application Analyst, Food Processing Industry

Requests, determined by customer policy, typically include:

  • Employee’s daily work schedule
  • Vacations, including weeks, days, and partial days
  • Family leave and absences for personal time off
  • Bidding on primary job and shift
  • Employee preferences for job and shift
  • Sign-ups for overtime, job and shift priority, training positions
  • Can be customized to your requirements


Available for mobile phone, tablet, desktop


This feature is simple yet very powerful. Controlling your scheduling decisions right in your hand. Tugboat’s EssP, which includes Instant GrantTM , provides a secure interface for scheduling information along with a comprehensive range of employee requests. Employees use a simple, secure login. Requests are time-stamped and date-stamped to avoid future conflicts.

Choices and available days are displayed in real time and are specific to each logged in employee. All your employees deserve this.



“Tugboat’s “response time is usually within the hour. I highly recommend this company to cover all of your scheduling needs. I enjoy working with them.”

HR. Manager, Frozen Foods Division