Software Engineer

Working on 

  • Workforce scheduling software for 7/24hr customer sites w/ 100 to 2500 employees
    • Vacation scheduling,  w/ quotas for coverage
    • Job bidding
    • Job scheduling,  week at a time optimized
  • Manage the software development of the proprietary application
  • Custom enhancements, or prototype modules for customer sites
  • Setup proof of concept sites for marketing staff
  • Resolve complex technical design issues


  • Write Progress OpenEdge  code, Frontend/Backend programs
  • Some system administration on both Windows and Linux servers
  • Database management
  • Documentation
  • Preparing specification and estimates for customer extra services
  • Helping support staff


  • Progress Software, OpenEdge ABL software development, or C, C+, C#, or similar
  • Progress, Oracle, or similar database management
  • GIT
  • JavaScript ( some )
  • Data modeling, ERDs


  • Working remote,  ( all current staff are remote, & have been for > 5 years )
  • VPN to servers at Rackspace
  • Task tracking & trouble tickets in Salesforce
  • Network and security handled by Rackspace
  • Customer meetings w/ GoToMeeting online
  • Hours per day or week highly flexible
  • Some off hours and overtime work
  • Busy season in the fall
  • Small business

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