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CornerStar makes data even more valuable by giving users the easy, modern reporting tools they want and decision makers the dashboards and business intelligence they need. Businesses count on Progress OpenEdge to deliver rock solid operations and the best data integrity. CornerStar’s analytics and reporting products include:

  • Aurora – Self-service reporting solution with Progress queries
    and modern formatting
  • Business Intelligence for QAD – data marts that answer your questions

Unlike other vendors, we know you want to preserve your Progress OpenEdge queries and the complete solution has to fit within the budget.

Progress Software

Progress Software provides application infrastructure software to help businesses quickly respond in today’s fast-paced information environment. Thousands of organizations around the world rely on Progress products and solutions for development, deployment, integration and management of mission-critical business applications.

Progress products and technology are used at over 140,000 organizations in 180 countries including 90% of the Fortune 500. Discover how Progress technology improves operational responsiveness across many industries, for applications as diverse as ERP and financial trading.