Tugboat Software

Company History


Founded in 1996, Tugboat Software has proven itself a leader in developing and supporting software applications for the demanding worlds of manufacturing enterprises. Beginning with a focus on custom software development, the company quickly gained a reputation for commitment to service combined with leading-edge technical expertise.

As computing environments evolved, Tugboat advanced from supporting third-party software applications to developing its own emerging tools for both the manufacturing workforce and application development.

In 2000, Tugboat Software combined resources with revolutionary workforce scheduling technology and has developed it into what is now SOS, a scheduling optimization solution that benefits the operations of leading enterprises including Nestle, Pillsbury, Yoplait, General Mills, Interbake Foods, ConAgra, Moen, Energizer and others.

Today, the company continues to perfect its technology while meeting its customer’s evolving demands. Want to learn more about labor cost control and how Tugboat’s products can help your company? Contact us today. Our experts are ready to help!