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Tugboat Software inc. offers two software packages: a workforce scheduling solution. Using Tugboat’s proprietary optimization technology, this solution creates schedules which are optimized for lower cost. Tugboat also offer a comprehensive vacation scheduling solution that enable employees to schedule their own vacations and PTA events.

Tugboat’s solutions integrate seamlessly with Human Resource Management (HRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages and control labor cost. Production Mangers searching for a comprehensive labor scheduling software that conforms to their way of doing business? Tugboats Software Inc. is a recognized leader in matching complex service and manufacturing operations with a fully automated solution.  Tugboat Software’s workforce scheduling software is built on our proprietary optimization technology which reduces labor cost and meets your operations improvement objectives.

Our Purpose

Even within the same enterprise, no two facilities are alike . Your unique operation rules and policies are the foundation for Tugboat Software’s dynamic work scheduling solutions.

Our Purpose

If your production or service operations are complex, Tugboat offers configurable solutions that focus on assigning your employees to a shift schedule, manage personal time off, and offer an advanced employee empowered EssP.  Even for a staff of hundreds or thousands, schedules for your entire workforce are generated fast and swiftly transmitted to each employee.

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Mission Statement

Assigning the right person in the right job at the right time

Based on three major components, Tugboat Software’s scheduling solutions bridge the gap between Enterprise ERP and HR systems:

  1. Labor demand generated by your ERP production plan.
  2. Tugboat Software’s proprietary mathematical optimization technology
  3. Your site-specific business rules engine

The result are schedules that control labor costs, eliminate labor waste, and are easily defended against grievances.

The Problem: ERP – HRM Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, put simply, automate processes in supply chain management. Human Resource Management (HRM) systems manage HR functions. Neither system focuses on assigning workforce scheduling solutions in an optimal manner to control labor costs.

There is some overlap between these two systems, however. On any given day, production or service facilities have only a given number of available workers. By contrast, ERP systems assume resources are available up to an infinite quantity.  Early in our development, Tugboat Softest realized that, given the array of HR variables, from availability, skills, employee training, employee preferences, that a Finite Capacity Scheduling mathematical model would assign a workforce schedule using the maximum number of employees with the available staff at hand.

The Solution


“Scheduling will make or break a plant. We have seen Tugboat’s solution drive down costs in our facility.”

IT Director, Food Industry

Who Can Benefit

Managers of production or operation working with any large group of employees in any enterprise – manufacturing, hospitality, public service –  with constantly changing demand for goods or services.  Tugboat Software’s solution assigns every person to the right job at the right time with the push of a button.

Manufacturing, hospitality, government – Any enterprise with any of the following conditions.
  • Need for Dynamic Scheduling
  • 200 to 2000 or More Employees
  • Employees with Multiple Skills


“I  don’t believe there is any other company that would be so willing to createa a customized report”.

Scheduling Mgr. Battery Mfg.

Generating a Workforce Schedule? These questions need answers now.

  • Who is available to work?
  • Do I have enough qualified employees?
  • When staff is off, can my operation deliver?
  • What’s my cost in overtime?
  • With my work rules, how reliable are my schedules?

Tugboat’s solution has answers for these and many other questions.

Screen Image of Tugboat’s Workforce Scheduling product displaying the essential data fields.  


“I have been working with Tugboat Software for years, and have always had a great experience. The scheduling program works great, and what’s even better is their customer service. If we have any issue, they are a phone call or email away. I think they are an amazing group!”

Scheduler, Food processing industry